~Manufacturing will begin on 16th Jan 2024 ~


Here's some questions that have been asked frequently:

When will I receive my order?

"In stock" items are shipped in 2-3 working days, this will be noted on each product page

Other items are manufactured, checked, packed, wrapped and shipped within 12 - 15 working days, We'll let you know when it has been sent and the courier company will keep you informed while it's in the air and on the road.

How do I mount the amazing decor?

For most items you'll need a wall, a drill, a straight eye, a single woman or a married man (We've found bachelor men have lost touch with their DIY skills) Everything else will be in the package with clear instructions.

Is it real steel?

Yes, solid steel, cut with a laser, similar to the one that Iron Man uses to fight bad guys.

Will my items rust?

All of our steel is treated in a 7 stage dip cycle before being electronically coated in a premium powder and baked to perfection to ensure maximum protection against the unforgiving African elements. 

What if I'm not happy?

If it is an on-going problem, we can recommend a good phycologist! If you're not happy with your product, pick up the phone immediately, dial +27 79 866 3859 or send a mail to michael@yardsfield.co.za. Let's turn that frown upside down. 

       Do you do custom work?

       Yes we do, and we'd love to help! send us a mail and we'll see if we can
       bring your idea to life. michael@yardsfield.co.za

       Can I eat your products?